On site fibreglass and grp moulding product manufacture

Fibreglass Mouldings service - flexible and highly responsive to your needs

Many fibreglass manufacturers specialise in their production and application of grp fabrication. In contrast, we at GEE-GRP have the workforce and resources to offer you a broader, highly flexible and responsive fibreglass mouldings service. Our laminating and finishing department, based in Harwich, Essex, serves the whole of the UK. Much of what we produce goes abroad and withstands hostile environments like an 800 run of high spec instrument panel sunshades for use in the Algerian desert.
fibreglass ramp
We manufactured a wide range of fibreglass wheelchair access ramps, helping this fibreglass company meet a sudden over demand on its production line. With the job done we made everybody a winner. Their customer got their order when they wanted it and the manufacturer had products made to their exacting standards.

Whatever sector you are from, industrial, construction, manufacturing, architectural our grp technicians are here to assist you. We can convert your design into a fibreglass moulding or utilise your production mould. You can choose to have reproduced a one off prototype or go for high volume manufacture of fibreglass products, fabrications or components.

And, whatever the volume or complexity of your moulding you'll be sure to find us amongst the most cost competitive in our industry.

Significantly, our fast turn round time and standard of workmanship is such that we also assist in production runs for other manufacturers in the grp mouldings industry. With us you can be confident of meeting deadlines and maintaining your reputation for quality fibreglass fabrication.

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We (Wheelhome) produce a unique and high spec/quality fibreglass touring caravan called “Sprintaway”. We demand the highest quality and attention to detail. In 2006 the Sprintaway won it's class in the prestigious “Caravan Club” awards. In 2007 it won another award, this time from “Caravan Magazine” for “Best build quality” - with maximum marks possible.

Gee Grp Fibre glassing have been supplying the fibreglass components to our (clearly) demanding standards since 2005 in a friendly, reliable and professional manner, and at a competitive price. I can thoroughly recommend their fibreglass mouldings services.

Stephen R Wheeler