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Pool Liners, pool construction, fibreglass swimming pools - many decisions...

Are you building a pool? If you are you'll know just how many choices and decisions a pool construction project brings with it. It can be all too daunting. Making your mind up on what type of liner you should have for your swimming pool will be made a lot easier after you read our material, below.
indoor pool being lined with fibreglass
Indoor swimming pool having its top coat applied

Liner choices

Generally, you have three options - pvc - vinyl liner, tiles or fibreglass liner. All these types of linings have their individual merits but we think that you'll agree that fiberglass is the best choice of liner. Its long term cost effectiveness, durability, low maintenance and fabulous finish put it streets ahead of the competition.

Advantages of fibreglass for swimming pool construction:

  • Adds strength to your pool's construction. Fibreglass has its own flexible strength. That's why it's used in aircraft and yacht construction. So fibreglass will certainly add stability and strength to your swimming pool's structure. This added bonus would help reduce or prevent problems caused by seasonal earth movements and invasive root growth. Tiled or coated concrete pools and PVC liner pools don't have this additional strength built in.
  • Seamless and safely smooth surface. The top gel coat of a fibreglass liner produces a hardwearing, smooth, abrasion safe finish. You don't have to put up with grazed and sore limbs and feet that are often suffered with tiled pools.
  • Stain resistant. The non-porous top surface of fibreglass means you won't have the 'tide marks' that plague PVC liner pools. When swimmers sensibly use sun tan and uv barrier creams and lotions it will eventually lead to unsightly hard to get rid of stains at the water levels of PVC liner pools. So for a great tan and great looking pool go for fibrglass every time!
  • Lower running costs:
    • A fibreglass pool's smooth and non-porous surface resists algae far better than tiles. That amounts to less dosage of algaecide and chlorine which is kinder to your hair, swim suits and the environment.
    • The chemically inert nature of fibreglass's outer layer will make management of your pool's water chemical balance easier and less costly. On the other hand, concrete pools leach alkaline and need regular dosing of acid so the chlorine can be effective.
    • Fiberglass has good thermal insulation properties; helping to cut your heating costs
  • Higher life expectancy, lowest refurbishment and maintenance costs. Over the lifetime of your fibreglass pool the likelihood of you needing to drain it is minimal. However with a PVC liner pool you will need to replace the liner every 5 to 7 years. Similarly, a concrete pool will need to be regularly drained and acid washed. And a tiled pool has the disadvantage of eventually needing regrouting. The tiling grout will only withstand chlorine immersion for so long before its erosion will lead to your pool leaking. So, in terms of convenience and true costs a fibreglass lined pool wins out in the long haul.
  • Compatible with all types of pool water treatment systems. Any standard or not so standard water treatment system you have installed or plan to have will work well with a fibreglass liner; including chlorine, salt chlorinator, fresh water and ozone systems.
fibreglass lined pool
Outdoor pool back in use with that great fibreglass liner finish

Easy choices

So there it is - this analysis should have made one choice a lot easier for you to make. Line your pool with fibreglass. The next choice is who to call on to do the on site fibreglassing of your pool? Our highly experienced team of swimming pool laminators is the obvious answer.

With our team, quality of production and materials is assured. We only use high-grade materials specifically designed for swimming pool applications. Contact us now. You can be confident we will bring a fabulous water-tight finish to your pool construction. And the promise of many years of enjoyment, free of the refurbishment hassles and costs of other liner systems.


All you need to do is contact us with the dimensions of your pool and your location for a fast quote.


We decided to change our aging vinyl swimming pool liner for a fibreglass liner. We found GEE-GRP on a general Google search. Within 2 days Grant came to inspect the site and discuss the method to be used. After showing us a sample of the materials to be used we had no hesitation in giving him our order. Read more.....