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GRP Manufacture

GRP Fibreglassing manufacture their own quality Fibreglass

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GRP Pond Linings

Leading GRP Pond Lining Specialists throughout the United Kingdom

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GRP Pool

Specialist GRP Pool Lining Installation Specialists In United Kingdom

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GRP Flat Roofing

Quality GRP Flat Roof Installations by skilled trademen


Tel: 01255 504798 or Mobile: 07899 856291

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Our Services at Gee-GRP Fibreglassing

Just a few of our amazing products and services

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GRP Roofing

GRP Fibreglassing Roofs last 3 times longer than traditional roofs. They reap benefits including being fire resistant & a thermal insulator.

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GRP Pond Linings

To put it simply, GRP Pond Lining is a waterproof covering that helps keep water in the pond and making sure no water seeps into the ground.

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GRP Pool Lining

Pool lining is a material that lines the bottom and walls of your pool. It’s main aim is to keep the pool waterproof.

GRP Fibreglass Swimming Pool Linings

Gee-GRP Fibreglassing are industry leading in Fibreglass Swimming Pool Linings.

Our specialists are always willing to help.

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Leading Fibreglass Specialists

Welcome to Gee-GRP

A Quick Introduction

About Us

Fibreglass has a wide spectrum of properties. They include a high tensile and compressive strength, hard and smooth surface, unreactive to chemicals, fire resistant, an insulator to heat, electricity and sound, impervious to water, easily moulded and coloured and long-lasting.

Also being a composite, fibreglass’s different components can be varied and added to. This extends its adaptability and performance as a construction and production material.

To match fibreglass’s versatility we at Gee-Grp have a workforce with a broad and in-depth knowledge and experience of GRP wide-ranging applications. With such an in-house team, we serve both the industrial and retail markets with confidence, responsiveness and highly competitive pricing.

In Harwich, Essex, we have our manufacturing base that takes on moulding production from across the UK. The factory has the capacity and flexibility to supply short and long run moulding production. Our friendly and resourceful technicians offer a dedicated prototype development service.

Years Of

Our friendly and experienced company provides on-site fibreglass reinforced plastic lining systems to pre-formed structures including ponds, swimming pools, flat roofs, valleys, water features and much more, as well as a product manufacturing team at our industrial unit in Stones Green.

Feel free to contact us with your enquiry and we will be happy to help.

GRP Fibreglass Pond Linings

Having a pond in your garden is a great feature. Gee-GRP Fibreglassing provide Fibreglass Pond Linings to add to your pond.

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Here are just a few of the things our amazing clients had to say about our service.