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Are Fibreglass Swimming Pools Good?

Home Swimming Pools Are Fibreglass Swimming Pools Good?

Fibreglass is such a flexible material in that it can be used for many different constructions. Did you know that a lot of people are having fibreglass swimming pools installed, as opposed to traditional concrete ones?

It’s true, there are more and more swimming pools popping up that are made from fibreglass in London and the surrounding areas. But, are they really any good? Should you get one of these pools instead of a more traditional option? To figure this out, we should take a look at some of the good things that come with fibreglass pools:

Much Cheaper

A big reason that stops people from installing a swimming pool is that they’re very expensive. They’re expensive to construct, and there’s costly maintenance as well. But, with a fibreglass swimming pool, you have a much cheaper option on your hands. The material is resistant to things like algae – which usually causes a lot of swimming pool issues and requires constant maintenance. What’s more, it lasts for longer as well, meaning you will rarely have to pay to have your pool repaired or replaced.

Very Quick Installation

Another great thing about fibreglass swimming pools is that they don’t take an age to install. Most of the installation we do are completed within a couple of weeks, and it doesn’t really matter about the weather conditions. A bit of rain doesn’t cause the same disruption that you’d see during a concrete pool installation. The benefit of this quick installation means that a) you get to enjoy your pool in lightning quick time, and b) you don’t have to worry about having loads of construction work in your garden for weeks on end!

So Durable

Fibreglass is known as being one of the most durable building materials out there. As a result, you will end up with a pool that’s so fantastically durable. It should be nearly impervious to damage unless there’s a serious accident where something very hard and heavy is dropped on it.

Visually Stunning

It’s hard to deny that fibreglass pools look a lot better than any other type of pool. This is because the material looks so stunning and you can create different patterns and designs with it. The result is a pool that makes your property look a lot better, rather than one that stands out a bit too much and looks a wee bit ugly.

Fibreglass Is A Good Insulator

Another one of fibreglass’s great properties is that it’s an effective insulator. In essence, it traps in more heat, which is very beneficial for pool owners. With a fibreglass swimming pool, you can heat it up quicker and keep it warmer for longer too. This will come in handy when the sun goes down, and also means you can get more use out of your pool during the colder months of the year too!

So, are fibreglass swimming pools good? No, they’re absolutely brilliant! These pools have a whole host of strengths that make them far better than more traditional options. If you’re interested in installing one of these pools, then feel free to contact us today, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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