Are Fibreglass Swimming Pools the best?

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Who doesn’t love the idea of a brand new pool in their garden!? It’s a great thing to add to your home, but there are so many options when it comes to installing one. Mainly, you’re tasked with figuring out what material to make your pool out of. Some people opt for a vinyl liner, others suggest concrete is the best, but what about a fibreglass pool instead?

Fibreglass is such an interesting material and has lots of properties that may make it ideal for lining your pool – more so than any other options. Are fibreglass pools the best? To figure this out, we need to compare them to the other offerings by looking at the key features of this material.

Durability & Strength

It’s so important that your pool is made out of something that’s durable and strong. As a result, you won’t deal with many problems, and your pool will stay in good shape for as long as possible. When you compare fibreglass pool lining to concrete or a vinyl liner, it’s clear that this material is up there as the most durable. Concrete is possibly on par with it, but both of them blow viny out of the water.

Maintenance & Installation

If concrete can rival fibreglass in term of durability, then there’s absolutely no contest when it comes to maintenance and installation. Fibreglass pools can be installed in a matter of days because the installation isn’t affected by the weather. If it rains, then you can’t lay down a concrete pool. Similarly, vinyl liners take longer to install than fibreglass because the process is more complex. To add to this, fibreglass is the easiest material to maintain as well. There’s almost no need to do anything as it has such a smooth finish that dirt won’t get trapped in it like concrete.

Cost Effectiveness

Installing a fibreglass pool won’t initially be the cheapest of the three main options. However, other things factor into the equation that makes this the most cost-effective option. First, you have the low maintenance, which means less money spent on supplies to maintain your pool. Then, you have the fact that fibreglass pools last over 30 years, so you get terrific value for money. Finally, if you were to sell your home, you’d get more money for a fibreglass pool than either of the other options. Therefore, it’s an astute investment!

Energy Efficiency

Another small thing to touch on is the energy efficiency of a fibreglass pool lining. It retains heat ever so well, meaning the water stays warm for longer and doesn’t take as long to heat up in a heated pool.


Lastly, you can’t really argue against fibreglass pools being the most attractive option. You get a smooth finish, beautiful design possibilities, and an overall more elegant look than you get with concrete or vinyl pools.

Are fibreglass pools the best? Yes, they are! If you want to improve your garden with a stunning fibreglass pool, then contact our team today, and we can help you get the ball rolling.

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