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Can Fibreglass Pools Be Heated?

Home Swimming Pools Can Fibreglass Pools Be Heated?
fibreglass swimming pool heating

Getting a pool installed in the backyard of your home in Essex might seem like a rather extravagant project, but it’s actually extremely popular. Thanks to all of the options you have available to you, a fibreglass pool is surprisingly inexpensive, quick to install and a great addition to any home in Essex.

One of the biggest advantages of a fibreglass swimming pool is the fact that is can actually be heated for a much lower price. In this article, we’ll be covering how fibreglass pools are heated and how it differs from vinyl or gunite pools.

Why heat a pool?

If you’ve yet to experience having a pool in your own backyard, then you won’t understand the woes of having a freezing cold pool that is uncomfortable to swim in. This makes the entire investment worthless unless it’s the summer, and for most people, they want to swim all-year round if they’re going to invest in a pool.

This makes heating the pool a very important consideration and it’s not just about how cheap you can get your pool for. You want it be long-lasting and actually save money, but far too few people consider the cost of heating your pool, especially when the outside temperature is already low.

Heating other pools is expensive

Every year, people switch from gunite and vinyl swimming pools to fibreglass just because they want it to be cheaper to heat. In fact, the cost of heating the pool is so high that getting a fibreglass replacement and rebuilding their entire pool is considered cheaper for the long-term.

Fibreglass is designed as an insulator, meaning it does a better job of retaining heat. People underestimate just how long it takes to actually heat a fibreglass pool. In fact, it takes around 3 full days for a 450,000 BTU heater to heat a vinyl liner pool. That’s a lot of wasted energy, and people don’t want to wait a full 3 days just to jump into their pool. In comparison, a 150,000 BTU heater will only take around 8 hours to heat the same pool, meaning it’s far more convenient and cheaper. Although the heater is three times smaller, the properties of fibreglass mean that it’s much faster to heat and it uses a fraction of the energy.

Not only that, but fibreglass pools are also much easier to maintain and clean. It comes with many advantages that make it worth switching to fibreglass, and if you’re thinking of installing a pool in the future in your Essex home, then fibreglass is the only way to go.

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