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Fibreglass Ponds

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A pond can be a fantastic addition to any garden. They can serve as the main feature of the garden, or just act as a little feature that adds to the beauty of the place. There are so many designs and sizes to choose from; you can get one that suits your garden perfectly.

When you have a pond installed, it’s essential that you think about the lining. This is basically a piece of waterproof material that’s used to ensure all the water stays in the pond area and doesn’t leak out into the rest of your garden. Now, there are loads of different materials you can use for this, but fibreglass pond lining is perhaps the best and most effective. It is sometimes considered to be one of the more expensive options, but the benefits fibreglass brings to your pond makes it the best investment you can make.

Why are fibreglass ponds so brilliant? Well, allow us to explain…

The most durable option for you

When you’re building a garden pond, you want to create something that won’t have any issues down the line and will last as long as possible. With a fibreglass pond, you’ll end up with something that’s incredibly durable. The strength of this material is pretty much unrivalled, and it means your pond can last for well over 20 years. What’s more, a lot of pond lining materials tend to be made out of fabric. As such, they can easily rip or tear if someone walks on them. With fibreglass pond lining, you never have this fear as it’s a solid material.

Incredibly easy to clean

Part of the reason that fibreglass pond lining is so durable and effective is that it’s incredibly easy to clean. There’s no need to do any complex cleaning work here, it’s a simple case of wiping or scrubbing off any dirt that appears on the surface. In turn, your pond will be much nicer to look at and can remain a lot cleaner as well.

Can be custom-designed

Another great aspect of a fibreglass pond is that you have a material that can be custom-designed to suit your needs. A lot of people like to install lights or mini fountains in their ponds to make them look nicer. With fibreglass pond lining you can design it so there’s the possibility to include complex inlets that let you install electrics for these things. Plus, because of how tight and compact fibreglass is, there’s never the fear of water leakage.

Aesthetically pleasing

Finally, there’s absolutely no doubt that this material will make a pond look more aesthetically appealing. A lot of other pond lining materials will seem a bit tacky and unprofessional. With fibreglass ponds, you have no overlapping fabrics hanging over the edge of the pond, it’s all nice and smooth and good looking.

If you’re interested in making your pond the best it can be, then get in touch with us today and ask about our fibreglass pond lining service. We’re specialists in this area and will be more than happy to chat with you about the options available!

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