Flat Roofing

Quality GRP roofing installations

Building a flat roof on your extension, garage, out building, dormer or balcony? You can come to the experts at Gee-Grp for roofing services. Ideally you need a flat roof system that delivers all of the following:
  • 100% weatherproof and watertight seal
  • No joints to prevent water penetration
  • Quick construction
  • Meets building regulations
  • Fire resistant
  • Thermal insulator - helping to reduce heating costs
  • No roof maintenance
  • Resistance to high temperature and UV exposure
  • Resistance to extremes of temperature change
  • High flexural strength
  • Long life expectancy
  • Finish in a choice of colours and non-slip textures
  • Peace of mind, once done you can forget about it solution

Fibreglass adds strength and lasts years longer than felt or asphalt

Many roofing contractors offer the traditional felt and bitumen based roofing solutions but they don't tick all the boxes for the best roofing system. With many years of experience as a flat roofing company we strongly recommend fibreglass roofing (also known as GRP roofing) as the answer. It lasts at least 3 times longer if not more than asphalt or felt and fibreglass has all the properties described above and is the ideal solution for flat roof construction. Can you ask more from a flat roofing system?
flat roof

No heat or flame torches

Another advantage is that our fibreglass roofing system is a cold cure process - so no worries of heat or flame torches that come with a felt/bitumen installation.
Fibreglass roofing system comes with flashing and edging trims
All you need to do in way of preparation for our fibreglass roofing team is to ensure your roof decking is clean and dry. As part of the installation of the system we supply fibreglass flashing and edging trims. The edging trims are preformed and are seamlessly integrated into your fibreglass roof. They are designed to connect up with conventional down pipes to the drains or retain the rainwater for removal by evaporation.
So take the first step towards having a trouble free, long lasting water tight flat roof that looks great. Contact Gee-Grp for a highly competitive price. Our fibreglass flat roofing system has to be the best solution for you.


Can I have my balcony covered with fibreglass? Will I still be able to use it?
Yes, our fibreglass flat roof system is ideal for balconies. When installed you will be able to walk on it and we can supply it with a non-slip finish.

Which is best for my flat roof EPDM Rubber Membrane or fibreglass?
Both roofing systems are resistant to atmospheric pollution, UV light, ozone and acid rain. But fibreglass comes out ahead - you can walk on it and it has very hard durable surface. Rubber, on the other hand, has no intrinsic weight bearing strength and can be more easily punctured. The glue used in rubber roof installations can also break down and deteriorate over time. If you want the best flat roofing system then choose fibreglass.

My new fibreglass roof looks great now but is keeping it clean a problem?
Not at all. You can stand on the roof and brush it clean or even use a high-pressure water jet if you need to. This is certainly not recommended for felt roofs.
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