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Every year, you need to work to get your pond ready for a new season. The yearly cycle of your pond is important for its continued living, and getting the pond ready now can make a huge difference to the way it looks and behaves through Spring and Summer. These are months that your pond can be enjoyed the most, and while temperatures may be ready to bite you at this time of year, you need to get your pond ready for next season now, to save yourself a lot of work in a few months.

Pump Maintenance.

Over the colder months, the pond can fill with twigs, leaves and other outdoor debris that has a habit of sinking to the bottom of the pond. If you use a pump for your pond, you’ll need to get it cleaned and sorted so that it can continue to be used in the Spring months. Remove the pump from the pond and clean it thoroughly. Remove as much of the grime and muck on it as possible on the outside, then check for impellor blockages.

Filter Box Maintenance.

After you have thoroughly cleaned the pump, you need to check the filter. Check it for blockages and debris as well as sludge build up as these can back up in the filter, too. Cleaning it out will help and you can use the dirty pond water to clean it. Though this sounds rather backwards, using clean water introduces the wrong bacteria and adds chlorine.

A Clear Out

One part of getting your pond ready could be clearing out the entire thing altogether, and that can mean getting rid of dead pond plants and redoing your fish pond with fibreglass liners. It’s one of the most durable ways to keep your pond secure and well built. It’ll leave you with a smooth surface that can act as a sealant once the top coat has been applied. You can use a net to get rid of any floating debris in the pond, and there is also a pond vac option to tackle a layer of brown sludge that can accumulate at the bottom of a pond.

Should You Sterilise?

Did you know that there were such a thing as UV sterilisers on the market? It’s a luxury for some ponds out there, and it’s essential as a way to combat algae for other people. You don’t need to do much in the way of maintenance when it comes to UV sterilisers, especially in the colder months. Yours may already be built into your pond filter, but if not, you still have the same work cut out for you. Change the bulb on the inside – especially if you haven’t in the last six months – an buy in bulk. Really, you should be changing the bulb every three months so that you aren’t using a UV bulb that has diminished.

Getting your pond ready for spring may feel like a lot of hard work right now, but once it’s done you’re ready for the warmer weather!


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