Many fibreglass manufacturers specialise in their production and application of GRP fabrication. In contrast, as a fibreglass manufacturer, we at Gee-Grp have all of the necessary workforce and resources. This is so we can offer you a broader, highly flexible and responsive fibreglass mouldings service. Our laminating and finishing department, based near Harwich in Essex, serves the whole of the UK. Much of what we produce goes abroad and withstands hostile environments. For example, we produced 800 high spec instrument panel sunshades for use in the Algerian desert.

Our GRP fibreglass manufacturer technicians are here to assist you, no matter what sector you are from. This includes industrial, construction, manufacturing, architectural. We can convert your design into a fibreglass moulding or utilise your production mould. You can choose to have reproduced a one off prototype or go for high volume manufacture of fibreglass products, fabrications or components

Fibreglass Manufacturer