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What is GRP Mouldings?

It is uncommon for a material to be as strong as GRP fibreglass while still remaining durable and lightweight. It is, for this reason, GRP fibreglass is the go-to material of choice for many manufacturers in need of high-performing products that can withstand harsh conditions while being light enough to avoid adding excess weight.

The flexibility of glass reinforced plastic is making our products the number one choice for architects and developers looking for an innovative solution for their project needs. GEE-GRP products allow designs to be developed to enhance and cope with the demanding criteria of major building projects.

If you are searching for high-performance GRP Fibreglass mouldings then GEE GRP are here to help.

Our friendly and experienced company provides on-site fibreglass reinforced plastic lining systems to pre-formed structures including ponds, swimming pools, flat roofs, valleys, water features and much more, as well as a product manufacturing team at our industrial unit in Stones Green.

Feel free to contact us with your enquiry and we will be happy to help.

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