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Is Fibreglass Roof Better Than Felt?

Home Roofs Is Fibreglass Roof Better Than Felt?
Is GRP Roof Better than Felt?

Most roofs include a mix of different materials. Flat roofs, for instance, contained both felt and lead. They lasted a long time and were attractive to the eye, but their performance was questionable. As a result, a felt roof would typically only last 5 years or less. There were other alternatives at the time, but recently, fibreglass has become one of the more popular options for roofing thanks to a number of different reasons.

Let’s take a look at some of the main differences between the two and explain why fibreglass is a much better solution for roofing.

What makes felt roofing a poor choice?

Felt has been used for roofing in Essex for well over 80 years in both commercial and residential applications. It’s fairly cheap and you can finish a felt roofing job within just a couple of days. It’s also water resistant, making it the perfect material for a cheap and effective roof. However, roof felting makes condensation build up as the building emits moisture and heat. This causes mould and rot to start appearing and it’s why you need to replace a felt roof every couple of years.

They’re also fairly weak. Although they can keep water out, they suffer when the weather starts to get rough and you can expect to replace it whenever there are strong winds that batter it. You can easily repair damage to a felt roof, but the issues will keep returning and eventually, you’ll have to replace the entire thing.

What makes GRP fibreglass the superior choice?

GRP fibreglass ticks all the boxes you’d want it to. It lasts 3 times longer than felt and it has the same water resistance and sturdy build quality, making it excellent for flat roof construction. Another great advantage is the cold curing process, meaning you don’t need to worry about the heat or flame torches that come with a felt installation.

Construction is quick and there are no joints, making it virtually impossible for water to penetrate through. It also meets building regulations and is resistant to harsh weather effects. There’s also no maintenance involved and you can expect a fibreglass roof to last many years without requiring a single repair.

Once a fibreglass roof is installed, you can forget about it and live your life without worrying about it breaking or causing any of the issues that felt typically does. If you’re interested in a watertight flat roof that looks great, is inexpensive and lasts a long time, then contact us today for a free quote. Get in touch with us for competitive prices, expert advice and excellent customer service that you won’t find elsewhere.

If you’re in need of fibreglass specialists in the Essex area, then get in touch with us online or over the phone. You can fill in our form and we’ll arrange a call back within 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can visit us in-store or call us at 07899 856 291. For email enquiries, you can send us a message at sales@gee-grpfibreglassing.co.uk.

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