Pond Lining

Fibreglass pond lining in Essex

All we need is a smooth, hard and dry pre-formed pond structure and we can apply our tried and tested lining system to create a 100% water-tight finish in colour of choice and with a high life expectancy.

Pond liners come in many different materials and brand names. It can be quite confusing to decide just what's best for you and your pond. How do you choose between Butyl, PVC, Firestone, EPDM, EPAL, LDPE and Green Seal? Easy - you choose fibreglass onsite moulding instead. Get in touch with the specialists at Gee-Grp.

Reliable fibreglass fabricators

For peace of mind, fibreglass or GRP has to be your first choice of pond liner. After all, you will spend a good deal of time and effort planning and building your pond, creating and establishing a habitat for fish and wild life. With rubber and PVC pond liners, there is always the nagging thought of a possible leak or puncture. Flexible liners can be repaired but think of the inconvenience and trouble caused by trying to find the leak and repair it.

Fibreglass pond lining service

Pre-formed rigid fibreglass pond liners are an instant solution and easy to install so long as level installation and proper backfilling support is done.

However, if you want a pond of your own design, volume, shape, size, depth and features Gee-Grp's on-site fibreglass pond lining service is the ideal solution.

Pond Construction

First of all, you excavate and construct your pond with brick, lightweight block or concrete block. Non-brick surfaces can be left un-rendered. However, we recommend finishing with render as the smoother the foundations of your pond the better the quality of finish of the glassfibre liner.

Once the foundations of your pond are thoroughly cured our laminators will call on site and apply the glassfibre liner. We only use high-grade materials and a tried and tested lining process that will produce a pond with high life expectancy. Once completed you'll have a pond you can enjoy in confidence for many years to come.

So why not contact us by phone or web form? Our friendly site manager is there to give you advice, a price and arrange dates as you wish. We come highly recommended by the trade. In fact, we are the preferred fibreglass pond liner installers for the whole of central and the south of the UK for a long established Koi Carp supplies company.

We also carry out pool lining.
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Advantages of glassfibre pond linings

  • No maintenance worries
  • Non porous surface - means that algae is easy to clean off and there are no problems of chemical leaching (concrete ponds)
  • Non corrosive
  • Highly durable
  • High flexural strength
  • Resistant to UV and extreme temperatures
  • Chemically inert when processed correctly - safe to fish and wildlife
  • Resistance and strength to allow the placement of rocks and pots in and on the pond without fear of causing damage
  • Allows you to integrate into your pond as many features as you like; including waterfalls, steps, terraces and islands for example, when produced as an on-site moulding
  • Provides the perfect seal to complex integrated filter systems you may to install into your pond
  • Will withstand in moderation accidental impact of sharp objects


How long does your fibreglass pond lining process take?
One day, two days at most - it all depends on the size of your pond and what additional features you want to include, like a waterfall or steps.

How much would it cost to give my pond a fibreglass liner?
We price each job individually based on surface area in square metres, the type of lining system and what it is being applied to and your location in the UK. For a ball park figure to price your project use upwards of 30/square metre as a guideline.

Am I restricted in the colour of the finish as with flexible pond liners?
No, the top gel coat of our grp liners have pigment added to them so within reason you can almost choose any colour in the rainbow you like. Racing Green is a favourite colour among Koi Carp owners.
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We have been consistently pleased with the quality and efficiency of your work here at London Zoo. With your assistance we have been able to refurbish several historical tanks into water-tight exhibits that feature a variety of fish and aquatic invertebrates. Your team are always professional and the advice provided as well as the workmanship is of an excellent standard. We also appreciate the rapid turnaround of projects, from delivering quotations to the actual installation of linings. We will continue to use Gee-Grp Fibreglassing for all of our tank lining work. 

- Brian Zimmerman
Assistant Curator - Aquarium at London Zoo
If you require pond lining work in Essex, call our team on 
01255 504 798 or 07899 856 291

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