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Thinking about Pond Lining?

Here is all we need to apply.

All we need is a smooth, hard and dry pre-formed pond structure and we can apply our tried and tested lining system to create a 100% water-tight finish in colour of choice and with a high life expectancy.

Using fibreglass/grp to build a pond is one of the most reliable, efficient and most of all durable processes on the market for pond building. Once the right technique has been followed and materials applied correctly, a fibreglass pond can last in excess of 20 years.

Pond liners come in many different materials and brand names. It can be quite confusing to decide just what’s best for you and your pond. How do you choose between Butyl, PVC, Firestone, EPDM, EPAL, LDPE and Green Seal? Easy – you choose fibreglass onsite moulding instead. Get in touch with the specialists at Gee-Grp.

In Harwich, Essex, we have our manufacturing base that takes on moulding production from across the UK. The factory has the capacity and flexibility to supply short and long run moulding production. Our friendly and resourceful technicians offer a dedicated prototype development service.

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