What are the benefits of a GRP Roof?

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If your heart is set on a flat roof, then it’s worth knowing the different materials that can be used to build it. GRP, or fibreglass, is being used much more commonly and for good reason. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of a GRP roof and why you might want to consider it instead of felt or bitumen.

Safe and easy to install

You don’t have to commit to a long building process with GRP. Flat roofs are relatively easy and quick to install and can often be done in a single day. What’s more, there’s no need for heavy machinery or dangerous equipment. It’s so safe that many choose to DIY their GRP roof installation.

Very little maintenance required

All roofs require some kind of maintenance. When it comes to a GRP roof, however, you might not have to even think about it for decades at a time. You can wash it with a mop, hose, or pressure washer if you want to maintain its like-new appearance, especially if you install a roof with a paler colour. You can also coat it with gelcoat and acrylic paint if you want it to last even longer, but it’s not essential. Few roof materials are as low-hassle.

Real longevity

GRP roofs are extremely long-lived. The majority of them have a lifespan lasting around 20-25 years, but they can hypothetically last up to 50 years if kept in top condition. Given the relatively low cost of labour and how easy they are to install, it’s easy to see that they are an investment that can really pay off in the long-term, so long as they are properly installed by a professional.

Plenty of variety

Fibreglass is highly versatile. GRP roofs can be easily installed on roofs that fit different shapes and surface areas, so awkward angles or corners aren’t going to be a problem. What’s more, there is a lot more aesthetic variety than what felt and bitumen can offer. There are thousands of different shades of GRP roofs, so you can make sure that you get exactly the look at you want for your roof.

Highly resistant to water and fire

GRP is a material that was initially designed for yachts and other small boats. As a result, it should be no surprise that it’s highly waterproof. Flat roofs are commonly prone to problems with leaks over time, but that’s not the case with GRP as long as it has been applied properly. It has no seams unlike other roofing materials, so water has few places to infiltrate. What’s more, GRP is fire and heat resistant, meaning it is a better material for fire safety purposes, too.

Whether you’re already sold on the advantages of a GRP roof of you have more questions, get in touch with Gee GRP. We can answer any questions you have about your roof or, if you already know what you want, help you make it a reality in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

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